Best Forex Robot Review

Forex robots are software programs that will automatically enter and exit trades in the forex market with the intention of turning a profit. Most of those programs (also called expert advisors) that turn up on the market end up being a joke, but every now and then a program will turn up that does exactly what these programs are meant to do… profit on a consistent basis completely on autopilot. Whenever one of these “diamonds in the ruff” gets released, they always seem to get the credit that they deserve.

Our team of traders spends a great deal of time testing these programs to try and find the best forex robots to profit the market with. The time and money spent is well worth the reward as we use the programs in our forex robot review to handle our real money accounts.

After much deliberation we’ve come to the conclusion that releasing our findings won’t affect our profits in any way, so we’re going to share with you the top 3 forex robots that we use on daily basis in our real accounts. Many of you probably won’t take the plunge and invest into any of these programs, but those of you who do will see the bright side of automated trading.

If you’re interested in what we’ve found, then please enjoy our little forex robot review that we’ve put together for you.

#1 – Best Forex Robot – FapTurbo


The FAP Turbo was chosen to be number one for one very good reason, it does a pretty damn good job at producing positive pips on a weekly basis.

I would love to be able to tell you exactly how it trades the market, but to be honest, I have no clue how it works. The algorithm to this system is complex, and we’ll just leave it at that. What I do know is that this program makes profitable trades. You plug it into your account, turn it on, and it immediately begins monitoring the market for profitable trades. It’s really that simple.

The thing that makes this forex robot so successful is that it is constantly being updated. The owners strive to keep it up to date so that it stays profitable with the current market conditions. They actually just released a new trading robot called the Fapt Ichimoku. We’ve had a lot of fun adding this new forex robot to our arsenal… and they’re currently giving it away for free with the purchase of the original Fap Turbo!

The other really cool thing about this forex robot is that they provide you with a 60 day money back guruantee. So you can order it and try it out on a demo account for two months, and if you don’t like it then get all of your money back. So what have you got to lose?


#2 – Best Forex Robot – Million Dollar Pips


The Million Dollar Pips robot is a very unique and successful program. It scalps the market with extremely good risk management. It is only in each trade for a few pips at a time, either profiting 2-3 pips or losing about 3 pips per trade. This forex robot profits long term by consistently profiting from 65-70% of its trades.

Since it just looks for those little movements to profit on it will enter many trades per day, and with such a high success rate the profits can really add up.

Having a “truly” successful forex robot enter the market is few and far between. Most of them have minor flaws, such as too much risk in losing trades, or not winning trades on a consistent basis. Our team is very picky on which programs we choose to let trade with our real money accounts, and this is one of the few forex robots to get our vote!


#3 – Best Forex Robot – Megadroid Robot


The number three spot on our list rightfully goes to the Megadroid Robot. We really can’t complain with the positive results that we received trading this robot. It’s one of the best forex robots that we’re ever plugged into a trading account.

The reason that this robot profits so well is because it uses what is called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA). This allows the program to predict what is going to happen to the price of a currency pair in the immediate future based on past results. This form of technology has proven to be extremely accurate in predicting the price movement and then making profitable trades.

Although the Megadroid Robot didn’t profit as well as the FAP Turbo, it still earns its spot as a highly profitable forex robot.